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Due to the pressured nature of their jobs, ambulance crew members need vehicle technology that is robust and reliable so that they are able to travel to those in need of assistance quickly and safely.

Vehicle CCTV that captures visuals around the ambulance, even when the ignition has been off for up to 24 hours, helps staff focus on their duties and offers them protection against false allegations.

What are the benefits of our vehicle CCTV and telematics solution for ambulance fleets?

Improves safety

Vehicle cameras provide drivers with greater visibility, helping to prevent accidents caused by blind spots.

Protects ambulance crew

Defend staff from false allegations and prevent threatening behaviour by using cameras in and around a vehicle.

Efficient incident investigation

Downloading footage remotely removes the need for vehicles to be taken off the road to retrieve a hard drive.

Improves fleet performance

Gain deeper insights into driver behaviour by replaying past journeys and looking at key driving behaviours on non-emergency trips.

Increase the efficiency of blue light operations with VUEhub

See emergency vs. non-emergency trips

Knowing when blue lights or sirens were activated during a journey provides an operator with vital context when analysing an incident and helps to bring clarity to accident claims.

Secure media exchange

The VUEcloud tile on VUEhub enables fleet managers to securely upload, store, and share incident footage with an insurer or relevant third party. 

Fault indication system

As VUE kit is self-diagnosing, fleet managers can quickly check the health status of hardware and ensure operations continue to run smoothly.

Visualise past trips and view current ones

Better understand driving behaviour during a trip and know when customisable inputs on a trip have been used or are currently active e.g., sirens on, blue light activated, handbrake on. 

CANbus integration

The CANbus module allows easy integration between video telematics and a vehicle's onboard data. The technology uses a non-intrusive connection to read vehicle information and translates it onto our VUEhub platform.

It's particularly useful for all front-line ambulances that adhere to Lord Carter's Double Crewed Ambulance Specification and can assist with important aspects of fleet management such as reporting on vehicle type improvement by looking at fuel data and assessing accidents in depth through the use of driver safety data such as seatbelt usage.

The CANbus module collects data including:

• Odometer readings
• Detailed fuel usage and levels
• Chassis lights information
• Seatbelts engaged information for all seats
• Windscreen wipers information
• Throttle position

As it is a non-intrusive connection, no signals are sent to the vehicle data network. This completely minimises the risk of a wrong connection and makes installation straightforward.

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*Upon request, it is possible that we can share CANbus data with a third party.

What is our recommended kit for ambulance fleets?


This telematics device is highly durable and allows up to 8 cameras to be connected. The VMC8 records data such as speed, location, harsh braking and more.


This video telematics device can connect up to four cameras and provides you with the option to record audio to an SD card.

Pedestrian AI Camera


Differing camera variations provide you with 360° coverage around a vehicle along with images and audio from in and around a vehicle. Live tests on the health of hardware can be performed to mitigate the risk of faulty footage.


An in-cab monitor provides a driver with a clear view of their surroundings to help them manoeuvre with more awareness, reducing the risk of an accident.



Bringing together all your risk and fleet management tools in one place, the online platform enables fleet managers to track a vehicle's live location, replay past journeys, monitor driver behaviour and more.


Quickly share incident footage with an insurer or relevant third party within minutes of it occurring. The platform ensurers that all sensitive media files are managed securely. 

  • “VUE’s Video Telematics has certainly proven to be worth its weight in gold for us. It helps protect our paramedics if incidents occur that might threaten their safety and helps us defend our reputation against fraudulent claims.
    West Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Remotely downloading CCTV footage will enable us to reduce costs by not requiring a physical removal of a hard drive and minimise our carbon emissions by decreasing the amount of journeys to access the vehicles to carry out this work.”
    Welsh Ambulance Service
  • “The cameras are vital, not just from a staff safety point of view but for passengers too. We also work very closely with the police.”
    North East Ambulance Service

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