The world of vehicle cameras is developing, and fast. AI technology is fast becoming the go-to solution for fleets looking to proactively manage risk - and prevent accidents.

As leader's in the industry, the VUE AI camera technology has been developed and refined to provide our customers with the tools they need to improve vehicle and driver safety, and mitigate the risk of incidents.


Pedestrian AI

An intelligent camera which detects Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) around a vehicle.

Using a sophisticated algorithm which has been refined in-house by our team of experts, the cameras can identify when a human enters a specified zone around a vehicle. These zones can be set up and configured to meet specific requirements, including the requirements outlined in the new DVS 2024 specifications.

Driver Distraction AI

This in-cab AI camera monitors a driver's behaviour to help keep them focused in-cab.

The camera has built in AI technology which allows it to pick up certain actions performed by a driver in-cab. If a distraction 'event' is identified, the driver is then alerted to take action/ Distraction events include mobile phone use, fatigue, and smoking.

VUE - Your Fleet Risk Management Partner


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