Mary Jane McGhee

Head of HR

People are the most important aspect of any business. I have believed this since studying for my Business Degree. The common feature of every successful business is their ability to attract and retain the most talented and committed people to succeed.

This was my motivation to pursue a career in HR. I specialised my Masters in Change Management and how people are the drivers and reason for any successful change project a business undertakes. Throughout my career, I have worked in many different industries and have worked in HR for more years than I care to remember! I thrive on making things happen, on helping people achieve their full potential whilst being a catalyst for strategic business success.

I take great satisfaction on seeing people flourish in their roles, and when the development of teams and inter functional relationships, make what was thought to be impossible, happen. My friends and family describe me as a fun-loving, plan making, action taking, person who will always be there for them when needed. This applies to my work self too! Ever the optimist, my glass is never half full, as it is always being topped up!