DPD Ireland is saving thousands in legal fees and claim costs with Video Telematics.

By using Video Telematics, DPD Ireland is now able to defend more of the claims made against them by using video footage and data captured by their telematics system. This has led to a reduction in payouts and legal fees, as well as freeing up time that was previously spent in managing and investigating these issues.

We spoke to Kristine Cassidy from DPD Ireland who says “We’ve seen great return on our investment in VUE video telematics equipment. Not only has it cut our claims costs, our insurance premiums are lower – and we will hopefully reduce the number of future claims too.”

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Customer Overview

DPD Ireland are Ireland’s largest parcel delivery company with over 35 years of experience. With 33 depots around the country, DPD Ireland handle more than 19 million parcels every year.  In total, DPD Ireland have a fleet of around 600 vehicles.

Problem: To Save Claim Costs And Defend Drivers

Sadly, there are many cases where third parties intentionally try to cause an accident for a payout, or lie about the damage caused by a minor accident to get higher compensation. DPD Ireland also face claims where the third party was clearly at fault, but accuse their drivers of causing the accident to avoid admitting liability and losing their no-claims bonus.

Solution: Save Claim Costs With Video Telematics And Show Great ROI

DPD Ireland use Video Telematics to help defend against all claims, and the footage recorded is especially useful for fraudulent claims.

QBE is the insurer of DPD Ireland. Daniel King, London Market Portfolio Manager at QBE, talks about how the footage recorded helps defend against these claims and save claim costs with Video Telematics:

“Using Video Telematics footage, we can effectively defend against fraudulent claims. We can also defend against claims where the DPD Ireland driver wasn’t at fault. The footage recorded provides undeniable evidence of what happened, which shows that the driver clearly wasn’t liable and greatly reduces claim costs and payouts. VUE’s Video Telematics saves us thousands of Euros in false injury and false damage claim costs with DPD Ireland.

“Using VUEcloud also increases the efficiency of the claims handling process. The system allows us to receive incident footage and files quickly from DPD Ireland to defend against claims, and is very easy to use.”

Kristine adds:

“I can think of a particular example where the Video Telematics footage recorded helped us fight a claim. One of our vans was travelling on a rural road and went down a single-track lane, and saw another van coming down the road in the other direction. Our van immediately braked and came to a stop, but the other van didn’t manage to stop in time and crashed into our van. The footage clearly showed what happened, and that we weren’t at fault, which helped settle that claim quickly.”

After all incidents, DPD Ireland review the Video Telematics footage with their insurer to establish who was at fault. Then, they can determine whether to fight that claim or settle it quickly to save claim costs with Video Telematics. Kristine says:

“Accidents happen quickly and sometimes a driver’s recollection of how an accident happened is not 100% correct. Reviewing the footage after an incident allows us to clearly see what happened, which helps us determine whether to fight a claim or not. By reviewing the footage, we can avoid fighting claims that we would ultimately lose, saving us valuable time and money.”

“Using VUE’s Video Telematics, we can save up to €10,000 [~£8,500] in legal fees per incident.”

She adds:

“Our insurers have given us a reduction in premium costs because of our commitment to install and utilise Video Telematics. We spent on a Video Telematics system to save on legal fees and insurance premiums. It has more than paid for itself.”

On working with VUE, Kristine comments:

“The help, advice and service we’ve received from VUE is excellent. The VUE support team are very quick and prompt with any issues we have.”

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Additional Benefits:

Continually Improving Driver Behaviour With Video Telematics

VUE’s Video Telematics also helps DPD Ireland continually improve driver behaviour. Kristine explains:

“We want our fleet to be the best it can be, so we also use Video Telematics to identify drivers who may be taking unnecessary risks. Reviewing the footage, we identify these drivers, apply a tailored training plan to improve their behaviour using the footage as examples and measure the effectiveness of this training using the telematics data. Video Telematics helps us continually improve driving behaviour across our fleet which reduces accident frequency, and lowers the number of future claims and claim costs.”

Reviewing Stock Delivery and IT Support With Video Telematics

DPD Ireland also see several other benefits from using Video Telematics. Kristine adds:

“If any parcels are reported as missing, we use Video Telematics to review the footage and determine what happened, such as whether a theft has occurred, or to confirm deliveries. The IT and Network team use VUEconnected regularly to provide additional information when working on tasks with the driver scanners and route optimisation, which helps save on fuel costs, wear and tear and C02 emissions.”

What Products Did DPD Ireland Use

403 vehicles (67%) were fitted with VMC4 units, a VUE forward facing camera and VUE driver facing camera. DPD Ireland also use VUEhub, the online gateway to all of VUE’s software applications. Within VUEhub DPD Ireland currently use:

VUEconnected – for tracking their fleet live and accessing live and past Video Telematics data

VUEcloud – for easily storing and sharing incident footage and other relevant files with third parties such as insurers and claims teams.


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