Using VUE’s Video Telematics, the Orbis Protect fleet save thousands of pounds in claim costs and see lower accident frequency across the fleet. In 2020, they’ve reported a 30% reduction in accidents compared to 2019 and a further fleet-wide reduction in speeding, which shows fantastic ROI from Video Telematics solutions.

Orbis Protect are insured by HDI. John Shepherd, Director of Motor at HDI, says:

“In the last six months Orbis Protect have seen a fantastic improvement with accident frequency improving by 40%. We’re very happy to see how VUE’s equipment has helped the fleet further reduce accident frequency, mitigate risk and improve driver behaviour.”

Video Telematics in Action

Orbis Protect are a market-leading provider of protection for properties, sites and people. They provide a range of services for vacant properties such as security system installations, specialist cleaning services, damage repairs caused by floods and storms, and much more.

Orbis Protect have around 168 fleet vehicles in total, with all vehicles fitted with VUE’s Video Telematics equipment. The fleet are fitted with VMC1 units, which record HD video and Telematics data in one device. They also use VUEconnected to track their fleet live and access vehicle footage and telematics data remotely.

Orbis Case Study

ROI From Video Telematics Solutions: Lowering Claims Costs

“We’re very happy with the ROI we’ve seen using Video Telematics. The equipment has been invaluable in defending against fraudulent and ‘crash for cash’ claims,” says Gary Appleyard, Regional Compliance Co-ordinator at Orbis Protect. “When a third-party makes a fraudulent claim against our drivers for a claim payout, or says that our drivers were liable after an incident when they clearly weren’t, the footage shows exactly what happened and protects us against paying those claims.”

“There was a particular case last year where the Video Telematics footage defended us against paying a false personal injury claim. One of our drivers was in stop/start traffic and accidently rolled into the back of a car at very low speed, around 6mph. There was no visible damage but the third-party driver claimed a personal injury later. After reviewing the footage with our insurer, we clearly saw what had happened and that there was no way the third-party could have been injured in that situation. The Video Telematics equipment saved our insurer from paying out £5,000 for the false personal injury claim, and that’s just one example of many.”

ROI From Video Telematics Solutions: Improving Driving Behaviour To Lower Accident Frequency

VUE’s Video Telematics has also helped the Orbis Protect fleet improve driver behaviour which has lowered accident frequency by 30% this year compared to last year. These reduced accident rates and lowered associated costs show a great ROI from Video Telematics solutions.

Orbis Protect use Driver Behaviour League Tables from the VUEconnected application to identify any weaker drivers and take action to help them improve. Analysing the VUE Driving Style Scores in VUEconnected, the fleet have focused on improving their Speeding Score and have established a fleet-wide goal of a Speeding Score of 75 (with 0 as the worst score and 100 as the best). From March 2020 to October 2020, the fleet improved their Speeding Score from an average of 58 to 72, which has helped reduce the number of accidents as well as the severity of accidents in the fleet.

Gary explains:

“VUEconnected has been incredibly important in improving fleet driving behaviour. We’ve used the Driver Behaviour League Tables since day one, which has really helped us identify the specific areas we can improve behaviour and take action. Video Telematics has played a huge part in reducing accident frequency and accident severity. We’re really pleased with the system and look forward to working with VUE to improve fleet safety even more.”

Orbis Protect also use the incident footage recorded by Video Telematics equipment in fleet training. Gary says:

“It’s all about continual improvement. After an incident, we’ll review the two minutes of footage leading up to it and identify key points where the accident could have been avoided. We’ll use this footage in driver training, to educate the rest of the fleet and ensure that these types of accidents are avoided in the future.”

John Shepherd (HDI) talks about how Orbis Protect have benefitted from using Video Telematics:

“Investing in Video Telematics has shown great ROI for Orbis Protect. Acting on the driving data has delivered a 40% reduction in accident frequency. We’ve really lowered claim costs and stopped many fraudulent claims using Video Telematics.”

“This success in reducing accidents reflects the work done by the fleet to integrate VUE’s Video Telematics equipment and telematics data into a full risk management process. This supports HDI’s and VUE’s belief that Video Telematics equipment is not a ‘silver bullet’, but that the data and video should be analysed and acted upon to drive improvement.”


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