Speedy Hire PLC, the UK’s leading provider of equipment rental and support services to construction, infrastructure and industrial related industries, installed VUE’s Video Telematics technology on its new fleet of HGVs and light commercial vans, as part of its commitment to road safety.

VUE supplied a four camera VDR HD system for installation on Speedy’s new £3m fleet of 22 DAF CF 32 tonne HGVs and a two camera system on Speedy’s new Ford Transit vans. Speedy was introduced to VUE through fleet insurer Allianz and wanted a partner to develop a system tailored to its requirements.

Richard Martin, Speedy’s logistics director, said

“Speedy is fully committed to improving road safety for all employees and members of the public. The introduction of on-board CCTV is the next stage of the process following the roll out of Fleet Telematics last year.

“VUE is the perfect partner in this process, not only offering advanced technologies but also the ability to seamlessly blend into our reporting requirements.”

The VDR HD records data onto a secure hard drive which bookmarks G-Force variations and speed, allowing transport managers to pinpoint incidents and features GPS location integration with Google Earth.

Six cameras on the HGV vehicles give Speedy’s drivers much improved visibility, vastly reducing the risk of accidents caused by blind spots.


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